Passive Ongoing Fundraising Opportunities


Passive Ongoing Fundraising Opportunities


Milk Caps for Moola

We collect milk caps from Longmont Dairy milk bottles.

  • For each cap we turn in, Longmont Dairy will donate 5 cents to GVA-N.
  • Drop your caps in the brown collection boxes in the front lobby.
  • Collect milk caps from your family, neighbors, and friends, and bring them to school too!

King Soopers

  • Create a Digital account at or in the King Soopers App
  • Link your Soopers card to GVA Northglenn
  • GVA earns money every time you shop!

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops makes it easy...all you need is your phone!

  • Download the Box Tops app, shop as you normally would, then use the app to scan your store receipt within 14 days of purchase.
  • The app will identify Box Tops products on your receipt and automatically credit your school’s earnings online. 
  • Your school will receive a check twice a year and can use that cash to buy whatever it needs!