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Grading Policy & Report Card Guide

GVA North’s School Accountability Committee, made up of staff, board members and parents, is continuously looking for ways to improve the school. An issue that was brought to the attention of the committee by both teachers and parents last year was grading inconsistencies across grade levels and a general misunderstanding of standards-based grading systems (by both staff and parents).

As a result, the committee sought a solution to:

  1. Unify and streamline elementary and middle school grading practices
  2. Find a more accurate way of communicating student proficiency in each skill

Several different grading systems were analyzed, but the committee finally settled on a 1-5 scale system that both gives more clarity on student levels than the four options previously used in elementary (U, PP, P, and A) as well as converts to a traditional GPA for our middle school students to take with them to high school. It was additionally noted that this system is used more often internationally, which aligns directly with our school’s mission of creating global learners.