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GVA Dress Code

student leaning on a desk in uniformRationale for Uniforms

GVA-N is charged with the responsibility to provide a safe, egalitarian, academically-focused environment for students. Research has shown that a school community thrives best when the dress code is simple and does not distract from the learning surroundings. To accomplish this goal GVA-N requires unassuming, inexpensive uniforms. This is not intended to burden any family, and arrangements have been made to assist those in need. The dress code and how violations will be addressed are as follows:

Approved uniform attire
  • GVA logo T-shirts and polo shirts 
  • Solid polo shirts (any color)
  • Uniform bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and rompers) must be navy blue, black, or khaki
  • Leggings and tights worn under skirts/dresses can be patterned and colorful
  • Leggings worn as pants (not under skirts or dresses) should be navy blue, black, or khaki
  • Shorts, skirt, and dress lengths should be finger-tip length. 
Denim jeans are unacceptable.
Attire NOT permitted
  • Hats/Sunglasses (only for recess) Baggy pants/shorts
  • Ripped/torn clothing
  • Low-cut, midriff shirts/blouses
  • Spaghetti strap shirts/blouses
  • Denim pants/ jeans
  • Open-toed and open-backed shoes
Religious Dress Considerations
  • Global Village Academy respects and honors all religious beliefs.
  • If your religion dictates a certain type of dress (ex: head cover, scarves, etc.), please contact your school administration. 
  • We will gladly accommodate your student.
Every Friday will be a FREE DRESS day for students.
  • This means they do not need to wear a GVA Uniform Shirt or plain polo and plain pants.
  • Students still need to dress appropriately on Fridays.
  • Midriff shirts, excessively short skirts/shorts, and inappropriate text will not be tolerated.
  • Students who abuse this privilege will have it revoked.