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Monday Clubs

Creative Writing Club
Join this semester to build your skills as a writer! We will read books from some incredible authors, write our own stories, and venture into the world of poetry. Our final project will include publishing our own work and celebrating our writing successes with our families.
  • 4th-8th grade
  • Monday
  • Room 231
  • Questions about this club? Email Ms. Kramer at [email protected]
Chinese Board Game Club
The games that students will be learning and perfecting are Gobang (Five in a Row), and Mahjong! Gobang is easy and interesting to learn, not only to enhance thinking ability, improve intelligence, but also rich in philosophy and help to self-cultivation.  It develops the habit of being able to calm, and improve the attention time as well.  Gobang is a kind of pure strategy type of chess game for two people to play, and originated from one of the Chinese traditional kinds of Othello, developed in Japan (Gomoku) and popular in Europe and America. It is easy to play, suitable for people of all ages, amusing and fascinating. Mahjong is a tile game with a rich history of journeying across multiple variations of the game before finally becoming static as a sport of intense strategy and skill. Mahjong doesn’t just entertain the players, brings them closer, and maintains peace, but also has benefits for the overall mental health of a person. 
  • 1st-5th Grade 
  • Monday
  • Room 141
  • Questions about this club? Email Ms.Shang at [email protected]
Handchime Choir Club
This choir will consist of 8 to 11 members from third grade to eighth grade. Unlike an orchestra or voice choir in which each musician is responsible for one line of the music, a handchime ensemble acts as one instrument, with each musician responsible for particular notes, sounding his or her assigned bells (chimes) whenever that note occurs. Therapeutic benefits include social interaction, cognitive benefits, and physical benefits. The handchime choir will also provide an outlet for emotional and musical expression. The students will learn to contribute to the group as a whole. No prior musical experience or ability to read music is required. Students will learn how to read music by playing and exploring this magnificent instrument!
  • 3rd-8th Grade 
  • Monday
  • Room 243
  • Questions about this club? Email Mr. Collazo at [email protected]
Russian Book Reading Club
This reading club experience is a social and a great way to motivate kids to read Russian worldwide masterpieces, get them talking about books and writers and have them share ideas and perspectives. Improve Russian language skills by solving scan word puzzles, learning by heard poems and more.
**Russian language advanced or intermediate skills and fluent reading required.
  • 2nd-6th Grade 
  • Monday
  • Room 230
  • Questions about this club? Email Ms. Darsky at [email protected]
Toastmasters Jr.
Does your student LOVE to talk about anything and everything? In Toastmasters Jr, students will participate in weekly speech topics to have the chance to talk but also to help them develop the academic skills of: Preparing and delivering speeches in a fun interactive setting, giving impromptu talks, controlling their voice, vocabulary, and gestures, giving constructive feedback to peers and receiving feedback from peers
  • 1st-4th Grade 
  • Monday
  • Room 142
  • Questions about this club? Email Ms. Valdez at [email protected]
Yarn Works Knitting/ Crochet Club
Knitting (and crochet) instruction!
  • 2nd-8th Grade 
  • Monday
  • Room 131
  • Questions about this club? Email Ms. Dominica at [email protected]