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Thursday Clubs

Chinese Board Games Club
​​Chinese game club will be offering different types of board games, such as Chinese chess, Mahjong,Gomoku,Chinese Checkers, etc. Those games not only offer fun experiences to the students but also challege them mentally. Though playing the games, it helps improve memory skills and helps to improve the sharpness of the mind. As the students keep playing the games, they find it more and more interesting, as they learn new ways of winning the game. They understand and memorize the moves which make them win, and moves which help them navigate from a difficult situation.
  • 4th-8th Grade 
  • Friday
  • Room 241
  • Questions about this club? Email Ms. Cai at [email protected]
Coding Games Club. FULL
Coding games help students to learn programming the fun way! We are going to build websites and games. The content includes the basics of programming as well as classes on coding actual apps and websites using various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • 1st-5th Grade
  • Thursday
  • Room 120
  • Questions about this club? Email Ms. Schreiner at [email protected]
Gourmet Cooking Club
Cooking with Mrs. Ryckman is back! In this club, students will learn basic cooking safety and skills, in addition to a wide variety of great recipes to bring back home! Our gourmet cooking class will maintain a multi-cultural foundation, encouraging students to learn about and try foods from many different regions and cultures. Families are encouraged to participate by sharing recipes and attending as guest instructors, sharing their background knowledge of their own cultures and cuisines. We will learn about and discuss a new country's culture weekly, in addition to cooking traditional meals from that country.
  • 7th-8th Grade 
  • Thursday
  • Teacher’s lounge or Room 240
  • Questions about this club? Email Mrs. Ryckman at [email protected]
Orchestra Club
In this club, students will learn the basic fundamentals of playing the violin, viola or cello. This includes reading music notation, proper playing position and learning to play in both pizzicato and arco. They will also learn the basics of playing in an ensemble.
  • 5th-8th Grade 
  • Thursday
  • Room 135
  • Questions about this club? Email Mr. Hilton at [email protected]
We Are Scientists Club  FULL
Students will be learning about the scientific method and performing different experiments.
  • 1st & 2nd Grade 
  • Thursday
  • Room 156
  • Questions about this club? Email Ms. Dalis at [email protected]